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She lets her toast cool before she butters it…You might wonder what this has to do with finding your ideal client, but stay with me!

Get to know your ideal client - the same demographics don't equal the same persona!

On a recent holiday with my friend of 36 years, I discovered something new about her.

She lets her toast cool before she butters it…

When I questioned it she said ‘because otherwise the butter melts’.

For me, the melted butter is the best part of toast. I can’t get the butter on quick enough the moment the toaster pops.

In fact I’m disappointed if I’ve left it a few seconds too late and don’t get the full melt experience.

It got me thinking. So much about the two of us is similar, yet there are fundamental differences that affect our daily decision making.

Just like your ideal client.

You need to go deeper than demographics

As a business owner you know you need to identify your target audience before you even begin to market your products or services.

But have you gone deep enough?

Take me and my friend, for example.

We tick a lot of the same boxes:

  • Same age
  • Same gender
  • Same relationship status
  • Attended the same school and college
  • Similar geographical location
  • Home owners
  • Dog owners

However, wave hot buttery toast in front of us and only one of us is going to bite!

Understand the emotions of your ideal client

By understanding your ideal client in greater depth you are far more likely to connect with them on an emotional level, and emotions are inevitably what trigger our buying decisions.

Once you understand the demographics of your ideal client, ask yourself these questions:

  • What challenge are they facing?
  • How is it making them feel?
  • What solution does my product/service offer them?
  • How are they going to feel after they’ve bought from me?
  • What would stop them buying from me?
  • What are their likes and dislikes?
  • What types of words resonate with them?

Once you know the answers you’ll have a better understanding of your ideal client on a much deeper level and will be able to create stronger marketing messages.

You’ll be able to show you understand their challenge, talk to their emotions, alleviate any concerns which may prevent them buying, and demonstrate how you are the solution they need.

This deeper connection will greatly increase your leads and sales.

Food for thought!

Want help understanding your ideal client and how to engage them? Let me help you with your marketing messaging. Get in touch.

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