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How can my content and copywriting services help you?

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Complete the contact form and let me know how I can help you with your copywriting needs.

If you can include scope of work, timeframe and budget in your message, this is extra helpful.

I'm not always at my emails, but aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

So, how does this work?

  1. I aim to respond to your enquiry within two working days and if needed we’ll arrange a call to discuss things further.

  2. Once I have the details I need I’ll send you a quote and estimated time for completion of your copywriting project.

  3. If you’re happy to proceed I’ll pop you over an invoice to pay a 50% deposit so we can get started (some services require full payment upfront).

  4. We’ll then have our discovery call (if required)! This is the fun bit, I’ll ask you some questions and we’ll dive into detail so I can get to know more about your business and your target audience. I’ll then set to work on writing you some great copy.

  5. I’ll send your copy on a Google Drive or Word Doc and you’ll have a chance to feedback. If we need to make any amends we can do this then. 

  6. Once the work is complete I’ll send you a final invoice to pay the remaining balance upon receipt.



The cost of hiring a freelance copywriter will depend on your copywriting needs. In most cases, I quote each project on a bespoke basis. Once I have your details I can provide you with a quote.

This depends on the scope of your copywriting project and my capacity at the time of your enquiry, but I do my best to work within client time frames. Last-minute jobs are not always possible and may incur an additional fee. 

We’ll agree on a completion date and I’ll have everything done for you within that time. I’ll try my best to fit with any deadlines you may already have, but please book work as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We’ll keep up communication throughout so you know how things are progressing.

Booking in work means I'll allocate time for the project which may result in turning down other work, the upfront payment or deposit secures this time in my calendar. It's the green light for me to start work and know we are both fully committed to the project. 

I use Google Drive for my copywriting. This allows me to share the document with you and allows you to add comments if amends are needed. Once the project is complete you’ll be given full access to the Drive document, I can also send you a Word document upon request.

It’s perfectly acceptable to ask for amends or changes to the copywriting I produce. It’s got to be right for you after all! I offer two rounds of changes per copywriting project. Once you receive the first draft we can discuss any changes required. From draft two if we need any final tweaks we’ll capture those then.

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