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The Person Behind The Words

I understand the heart and soul you pour into your business, and I'd love nothing more than to help you find the right words to connect you to your audience.
My journey as a freelancer began in 2012, assisting businesses in enhancing their marketing footprint. Over the years, I’ve realised that misaligned marketing messaging is often a significant factor in sluggish sales.

So in 2021 I honed my focus to my passion for content and copywriting, and began to offer services dedicated to crafting compelling and persuasive narratives for my clients across various industries.
What's more, I've taken my love of freelancing to create a hub of helpful tools and resources for new and aspiring freelancers. Find out more about Creative Little World.
My Mission
My ultimate life goal is to look back in my final moments and be able to say,
“That was fun”.

I take my work seriously, but I always pride myself on enjoying the process of working with my clients. Together, we craft narratives and inspire action, connecting your audience with your brand and helping your business to thrive.
My Values
I believe in always doing my best for my clients, that’s why I always promise to quote honestly and fairly, I’ll respect our relationship and boundaries, and do my utmost to adhere to goals and deadlines.


I believe life should be fun and enjoyable. I will do my best to ensure we enjoy our time working together. I’ll do this by communicating regularly and will be open to your comments and feedback.


I love to be creative and let my imagination dream of possibilities. Let’s make sure we don’t rush things, we’ll respect deadlines but the best copywriting happens when time for creativity is allowed.


I choose to be a freelancer as I love the freedom it gives me. We’ll both have ways of working that suit us, let’s respect each other. We’ll set expectations from the start so we can work from the same page.
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What I love most is getting to know the person (or people) behind the business. Let’s start with a conversation about how my freelancer copywriting services may be just the ticket to increasing your bookings!
Laura Bean Freelance Copywriter
Get to know me
  • I’m based on the South Coast of England in the beautiful New Forest.
  • I sea swim all year and LOVE tea.
  • I love meeting new people, connect with me on LinkedIn.
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